Retail Product Development

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| Expired In : 30/09/2018

Logix Technology is a leading IT service company and product start up in the heart of District 3. We have been 3 years almost in the market and started product in June – getting ready to launch our MVP and looking to hire a few good people to help us on the next steps of the journey.


– We’re a product start-up and also an IT outsourcing company. That means we have the balance of cash-flow to make ourselves safe for the long run. We are not alone – we well leverage of business and technology workforce in-house. We dream big but be very realistic
– We are building SAAS Retail Coordination Platform. Our goal is to build and deliver a platform that connects shoppers, shops and distributors in the Vietnam market. It’s a market game changer, not a follower
– Our core customers are in Vietnam: this doesn’t mean we aim only in Vietnam! Our goal has always been to build something for the regional market, not something only for Vietnam. Think related to ASEAN who has the similar situation to us


– Built new features, building both the mobile front-end (React Native), back-end (.Net Core, Fabric Services, Microsoft Azure and etc), huge data processing (Big Data / BI) as needed. You don’t need to be an expert in all areas but you have to be willing to learn
– Scaled our architecture. Over the next year, we expect to scale from a hundred thousand users with huge data transaction per day. We need to make sure that we can handle millions of transactions per day while still being responsive
– A modern software work environment with nice office designed. Flex-time is common. Need to take care of some paperwork in the morning and will be coming late? Just tell people over
– 18 days of vacation a year. Changing the retail industry isn’t going to happen overnight. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We need to be in it for the long haul
– Oversea company trips
– Private health insurance, team buildings, and much more…


DMS (Distributor Management System) ANALYST (2-3 YPE): 1 POSITION

– Understand DMS product solutions for FMCG industry: familiar with Manufacturing, Trading nature, FMCG Distribution network, P2P – O2C processes and retailer promotion
– Discovering, synthesizing and analyzing information from a variety of sources within/ across enterprises
– Eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders in order to determine underlying issues and causes
– Understanding enterprise problems and goals
– Analyzing needs and solutions
– Devising strategies
– Driving change


Experience in:
– .NET Core, .Net Framework
– Microservices design experience
– Experienced in developing scalable distributed applications
– Experienced in deploying Azure resource using ARM template
– Good understanding of Azure AD, Oauth 2.0 and OpenId Connect Good general understanding of Azure Services and Azure portal


At least 2 years as front-end developer using JavaScript, React or React Native, building multiple target platforms applications

Strong understanding of:
– Applying best practices for React/ ReactNative
– Structuring project for scale
– JSX, React Components and Mobx (or Redux)
– HTML5 / CSS3 (Flexbox) and responsive design

Comfortable with:
– Docker
– NodeJS or .Net Core
– Git

Nice to have:
– Experience with native iOS / Android development

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