Machine learning

We offer highly rated professional Machine learning service with continuous integration and delivery of software. Let meet our talented team of machine learning!

Let us develop and operate your systems that keep your business ahead of the competition.
What we offer

What we offer

System Load services

Providing strategic plans and techniques, implementing the testing processes and consulting on the system improvement.

Operational Systems Maintenance

Monitoring and fixing errors, automating failovers, upscaling the quality of systems.

Audit and Consulting

Defining existing setup, list down the redundant tasks and consulting on existing infrastructure design.

Cloud Migration

Moving data and other business elements to a cloud computing environment with a view to identifying areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance.

Why choose our Services?

Why choose our Services?

Increase productivity

The DevOps team at Logix Technology fosters working together and working fast with the intention of making your business become competitive and improving its productivity.

Update software automatically

Thanks to applying Cloud Computing, your operating systems are automatically updated to maintain an in-house storage infrastructure and reduce errors as well as failure rates.

Secure better

We focus on the security right from the beginning of the development process to reduce the risk of security issues through automated security testing.

Save time and money

Our engineers can shorten the timeframe of product development and improvement, fasten the recovery time, speed up and reduce product launch costs.